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A Developer is Reimplementing GNU’s Core Utilities in Rust

A Rust-based re-implementation of GNU core utilities like cp and mv is “reaching nearer to parity with the widely-used GNU upstream and changing into able to taking up extra real-world makes use of,” stories Phoronix:

Debian developer Sylvestre Ledru [also an engineering director at Mozilla] started engaged on uutils in the course of the COVID-19 pandemic and offered final week at FOSDEM 2023 on his Coreutils alternative effort. With uutils rising into more and more good condition, it has been packaged up by many Linux distributions and can be used now by “a well-known social community through the Yocto venture….”

The targets with uutils are to attempt to create a drop-in alternative for GNU Coreutils, attempt for good cross-platform assist, and straightforward testing. Ledru’s preliminary targets had been about having the ability to boot Debian, operating the preferred packages, constructing key open-source software program, and all-around it has been panning out to be a fantastic success…. [M]ore efficiency optimizations are to return together with different work for compatibility in opposition to the GNU instruments and implementing some nonetheless lacking choices in several applications



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