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Audiobook Narrators Complain Apple Might Have Used Them To Prepare AI Voices

Prospects of Spotify’s audiobook narration agency say that they weren’t adequately knowledgeable of a contract clause that they agreed to, that in the end allowed Apple to make use of their voices in its AI coaching. From a report: Apple quietly launched a spread of audio Apple Books in early January 2023, which have been narrated by voices completely generated by Synthetic Intelligence. Publishers {and professional} voice actors objected that this was eradicating a significant supply of revenue, however Apple claimed it was nonetheless dedicated to artists.

Particularly, Apple stated that the brand new AI audiobooks have been solely accomplished for titles the place it was not financial to rent an actor. So that will be low-circulation ones resembling textbooks, small presses, and self-published titles. Now based on Wired, voiceover artists and authors working with an organization known as Findaway have complained about Apple utilizing them to coach their very own AI replacements. Findaway is successfully a self-publishing audio firm that’s owned by Spotify, the place authors pay to have audiobooks produced. As but, it seems that no actors working for historically printed titles — the place the audiobook is produced by the writer with out a cost to the creator — have complained.



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