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terminal – Limiting course of reminiscence utilizing ulimit

I’ve written a program that I need to benchmark on more and more massive situations of a specific drawback. I need to cease my suite as soon as the situations grow to be too massive to be dealt with on my pc. I do not know when it will occur, so I considered limiting the reminiscence obtainable to this system with ulimit and never persevering with with bigger intances as soon as one situations ran out of reminiscence.

However issuing ulimit -m 10000000, for instance, fails with ulimit: setrlimit failed: invalid argument. Just for numbers bigger than round 35000000 works. However limiting this system to three.5GB of reminiscence is a bit pointless. Operating ulimit with /usr/bin/ulimit: line 4: ulimit: max reminiscence dimension: can not modify restrict: Invalid argument. That is additionally the error I get when working ulimit in bash.

But when I set ulimit -m 35000000 nonetheless, issuing time ./myprogram aborts with

16,47s  consumer 0,51s system 310% cpu 5,459 whole
avg shared (code):         0 KB
avg unshared (information/stack): 0 KB
whole (sum):               0 KB
max reminiscence:                799944 KB
web page faults from disk:     0
different web page faults:         249531

Why does this system abort at 800KB? What is the connection to the 35000000?

I do not get it. What am I doing mistaken?

My system: zsh 5.8.1 (x86_64-apple-darwin22.0), MacOS 13.1.



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